Incredible Web Limited would like to announce that Kevin Farrugia has resigned from his post as Director and has agreed to transfer his shares, amounting to a 50% stake in Incredible Web Limited to co-founder and Director Shaun Grech after 8 years of a successful partnership.

Incredible Web would like to thank Kevin for his contribution to the Incredible Web team particularly his invaluable technical expertise on the front-end technology stack. Kevin will be moving onto a new venture focused on the development of tooling and automation on web performance and consultation within the same domain.

Shaun Grech will be appointed as CEO of Incredible Web Limited and seeks to continue developing and investing in the company with particular focus on Software Consultancy and Outsourcing which have contributed to the company's growth and success in recent years.

Kevin and Incredible Web Ltd. will continue collaborating together on the development of future projects, with the combined expertise in different areas promising for a successful continuation of the relationship.

Kevin co-founded Incredible Web Limited in 2011, together with Shaun and served as a director throughout this time, overseeing its evolution from a small, part-time digital agency into a fully-fledged software house employing a team of software developers; providing solutions to both local startups and global enterprises, including Tipico Co Ltd., William Hill, Mr. Green, Gaming Innovation Group, Dhalia Real Estate, Solana Hotel and many more. Additionally, Kevin and Shaun also co-founded the highly popular Bumalift carpooling app; which has since been acquired by Concesiones Unificadas, SLU.


"Incredible Web always felt like a personal project because of my friendly relationship with Shaun, the team and the clients. Its success can only be attributed to the hard work and close co-operation of all parties involved. Over the years I have grown increasingly involved in the impact of web performance and page load times on user conversions. Following extensive research and collaboration with industry leaders, it is clear that there is an unaddressed market in tooling to automate and improve web performance without distracting the development team from feature development or requiring the re-development of a brand new project; which immediately after launch already feels slow.”

“I hope that my working relationship with Incredible Web Ltd doesn't end here and expect that we will continue collaborating for the foreseeable future." 

Kevin may be reached through his personal website


Co-founding Incredible Web together with Kevin eight years ago has been an exciting and rewarding experience fueled by the positive energy of our team, client satisfaction, and engaging partners. 

Over the years Incredible Web has developed a sound reputation in the digital market backed by a diverse portfolio of both local and international projects. This success can only be attributed to the positive synergy between all parties involved combined with a clear and well executed vision. 

We will continue building upon this success and invest more resources into expanding our Software Outsourcing services which have earned us a trustworthy reputation amongst leading enterprises in the Gaming sector. We will also be working on internal tools aimed at leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence in the Gaming Sector to analyze gaming patterns, improve customer engagement as well as to detect and prevent fraudulent activity. 

I have no doubt that Kevin and I will collaborate again in the future and would like to wish him the best of luck in his new endeavors."

Shaun may be reached through the Incredible Web website