Istvan joined our team in 2020 all the way from Hungary. A smart, self-thought, analytical, Software Developer, who enjoys working on both front-end and back-end solutions. Istvan is very meticulous in his approach to solving complex problems, a trait that has made him a very valuable addition to our team. During his time at Incredible Web, Istvan has been involved in a number of bespoke business solutions aimed at automating business processes including a dynamic KYC platform utilising both Unstructured and Relational databases. He has also worked on the front-end facet of the solution. His favourite technologies include React.js for Front-end web development and ASP.NET Core for API solutions. His work-ethic and attention to detail will one day see him become one of the go-to developers at Incredible Web. 

Istvan's expertise is in C, C++, C#, JavaScript, HTML and CSS, ReactJS, SQL and relational databases.