Don't be ashamed to be a dummy when it comes to Building and Marketing your Moible app, we all went through it one day! The most important thing is that you're willing to learn. We've been there ourselves and through years of experience our developers and marketers have mastered the techniques of building your mobile app from scratch and marketing it to a popular and successful mobile product. Here's the good news, we're here to help you! But where to start as there are so many things to say/decide/do?

  • All projects start with an idea, you always try to decide whether to follow "this one" or "the other one" but we would advise you to follow most of them, give each idea a chance and analyze its potential before sidelining it. 
  • Organise your ideas like if you were taking some exam, put down on paper all your ideas as clearly as you can. Once  you have your favourite idea, one that makes sense and is inline with your dream, get in touch with a company who can help you make your dream come true (contact us). Professional companies have people who can first understand your vision and possess the necessary tools and skills to help you realise your dream.
  • Prototype, prototype and prototype! Prototyping gives you a chance to visualise the idea better before investing too much time and effort on it. It also gives you the possibility to validate your idea with your potential consumers. The feedback you get at this stage is simply invaluable, remember you're building your product to solve a problem your target audience has and not necessarily for yourself! Once you see that your customers are ready to buy your Mobile app just go ahead and start to run your app.
  • Not sure whether to have a native app or a Mobile friendly website? If you are developing an interactive game or you're making use of hardware dependant features such as geo location and push notifications then an app is probably going to be your best option. But if your main goal is to offer mobile-friendly content to the widest possible audience, then a mobile website is probably the  right way to go.
  • Outsourcing or not? As I said in one of our previous blog posts, when you don't know how to do the work, don't do it yourself. Don't try to do it just to save on money, remember that your time is also valuable and someone out there with more experience can probably do the job better than you can in this particular field. You will lose so much time trying to find out how it works and your work will never be as good as the profesionnals'. 
  • In order to submit an app to the App Store or Android Playstore you need to have a developer account with Apple and Google (if you want your app to be on both) by registering through their website and paying the annual app store fees ($99 for Apple - $25 for Google). The actual process of uploading to the app stores should be done by your developers.

  • Offer a free application to start and then run it at a price of your choice, however do not get too excited about it as there billions of app and not all of them are as popular as Facebook.

  • When your app is done keep reminding yourself that it won't run by itself. You need to put it out and make it bright on this growing market and tell people where to find and how to get your app.

  • To market your app  the best you could do as for any kind of businesses is third-party endorsement (reviews from bloggers, press coverage, word of mouth). Also, don't forget to keep an eight to the reviews posted (good or not) by the users of your application and work as hard as you can to reverse any negative reviews and to make your users' experience much better.
  • For the cost there is no right or exact price It’s like asking what is the cost to buy a house or a car. It depends on many factors, but the features you want will mostly define the cost. It can go from €2000 to €100,000, once again, it depends on the features.
  • If your app is a huge failure it is okay, it's very rare to succeed on your first try, learn from your mistakes and get back to work to find what's wrong and make it up!

Now it's your turn to work on your ideas and to do whatever it takes to succeed! And if you don't, just keep trying until you do.