The Design Sprint, proposed by Google Ventures, is an event that aims to solve design problems for teams of any size in business of any kinds .

This event will take place on 21st and 22nd May 2016 and the teams will be composed of 3 to 4 members. The teams will cover different roles in Product, Strategy/Sales, Design and Development. Google experts highly recommend each team to have a decision maker or someone who will influence the team to help the them during the different exercice.

The Design sprint method is as good that some of the biggest companies have adopted their ways.

The process combines 6 stages that you will learn from during this training, they are: 

  • Understand
  • Define
  • Diverge
  • Decide
  • Prototype
  • Validate


For this event, 2 developers experts are coming:

-Milan Guenter, he is partner at eda.c which is a European strategic design consultancy based in Parus and Düseldorf. He wrote a book on the Enterprise Design approach and worked with many big organisations and startups.

-Bartosz Balewski is a user experience designer, specialising in integration and service design. He has a lot of experience in every step related to Human Centred Design.

Both has a lot of experience to offer and are very complementary which promises us a lot of surprises throughout those 2 days.



Incredible Web has decided to host this event for the first time in Malta. This event will help the people of our community to develop opportunities, and to learn and improve new skills.  This is a very unique opportunity for participants to learn directly from Google Experts.