...and a happy new year!

Today we shall not be posting anything related to web development, web design or search engine optimization, but we would simply like to wish you a great Xmas with your families & friends and some equally awesome presents (come on, everyone still likes presents)!  We hope that the upcoming year will be even better than the present and that you achieve all the goals you have set for yourself for the year.  I will leave you with an interesting quote I have come across earlier in the year:

"Look around the room you are in and take note of everything which is of a brown colour.  Now close your eyes...and try to remember everything which is blue instead.  Of course, you may not remember everything (if anything at all); because you weren't looking out for it.  If you are expecting the worst and only looking at the negative things, you lose sight of the good things in life."

Take care & drive safely,