Whether you like it or not you can't avoid it any longer. We came to a generation where Social Media (Linkedin, Github, Facebook,Twitter, Youtube...) can't be avoid in marketing decisions. In fact we have all seen the increase of Social Media on people's lives. There is less physical discussions and more cyber discussion. People get to know everything on their devices and have gotten too lazy to explore the world on their own. They follow directions according to what was written on Social Media and listen to internet influencers more than their friends. Social Media is the primary influencer of the latest generations and this is why any company needs to be active on Social Media platforms to promote themselves as much as they can. This is no longer an option.  


What does your company get by being on Social Networks? 

By being on Social Media your reach widens significantly, from national (or less) you become international and you open your companies' doors to the world.

Brand popularity: being on Social Media increases your popularity and will definitely increase your brand recognition. Social media puts you within reach of your customers and allows you to create a special bond with them. Plus, relevant content and push notifications enable you to keep popping into your customers' head. By appearing during people's "free time" spent on social media, you will appear during their relaxation period of the day and they will associate you with a good moment. Being on social media brings a good brand image to the customers and it shows that they you dynamic and listening to your customers. 

Brand loyalty: a customer that follow a brand on social media has engaged himself to be loyal by liking a page (for example). It also allows the customers to leave feedbacks and likes as well as share posts which they can relate to. Social media content will also engage the customers to be loyal to the brand, especially if shared by a friend or family member. Posts offer the possibility for customers to keep in touch with the company and learn more from it and good content will see your users come back for more as they wish to follow your work.

More opportunities: Every post on social media is a new opportunity to convert someone into a new customer. Also social media is online and the online market is much bigger than just a brick and mortar store. It allows more possibilities as their is more potential customers to reach. The most customers you get to share your posts will be the perfect advertisement for you. They will most likely be happy customers who love your brand and want to be associated with your brand identity, creating awareness of your brand into people's lives and the need for your products/services.

Humanisation: being on social media posting/sharing/liking will make you customers feels like they are dealing with a real person and not just a company. It makes the relationship more open and personal and customers usually appreciate it because they rather have a personal relationship with a brand. As a matter of fact, we are always available for a chat on Facebook or Twitter. :)