Welcome to something incredible...

At Incredible Web, we want everyone to make better websites and we hope that this blog will help you to understand why we are different, provide you with an opportunity to learn new things, keep up-to-date with what we are doing, and find out why it is incredible.

In today's world of web development, there are no excuses for not knowing how to do something.  There are tons of resources with plugins, tools, tutorials and everything necessary to teach yourself how to do something new.  Therefore if you have an educated background and sound foundations, you may apply yourself to almost any scenario with relative ease.  

When we learn of something new, we try it, test it and if suitable, implement it in our projects, similarly to how we started using Umbraco CMS, HTML5, MVC or Entity Framework.  But that is only the tip of the iceberg.  In our projects we have used Javascript plugins, CSS3 and occassionally 3rd party libraries, such as Automapper.

However, differently to most other web development companies, we don't stop there.  After having implemented something awesome, we proceed to share it on our blog, together with a short tutorial, so that everyone learns something new.  After all, it is only fair to give back after taking so much.  Working together, we can build a better web.

Of course we value our client's privacy and investment and cannot share all the details about a client's website or business logic; however if you want to find out how we did a fancy CSS3 animation, some SEO tricks or a simple AI algorithm, here is the place to look.

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