Progressive Web Apps

When developing a website, one must not only think in terms of incoming traffic but also in terms of retention rate. Keeping your visitors on your website is not an easy feat especially given the infinite number of options your visitors are presented with these days. It is widely accepted in the software community that consumers will wait less than three seconds for your web page to load. It is imperative that your website exceeds the user's expectations and delivers the right message as quickly as possible before they lose interest in your web application. For this reason, PWAs utilize modern browser APIs to improve the load time of your web application allowing the user to start interacting with your page as soon as possible. 

When designing Progressive Web Apps, we take the time to analyze your business and identify the primary objectives of your web application. This is commonly known as the "critical user path". Once we validate the critical user path we then move on to user retention. PWAs are capable of native app-like features such as PUSH notifications. Using PUSH notifications, you are able to reach out to your users even after they leave your web application and close their browsers, giving you the opportunity to promote your services and entice your users to visit your web page once again. 

I need a PWA

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