Web Development

At Incredible Web we specialise in custom-built web development solutions, whether it is an eCommerce solution or a bit of artificial intelligence magic. When building a website or web application, we follow the latest standards guaranteeing that the website will rank well on Google and other search engines, be scalable and easy to maintain and ultimately convert your users.

We also know that your want your website to look as fantastic as it feels; which is why we have a "no-template" approach. Every single website is designed specifically with you in mind and coded line-by-line from the ground-up. Ordinarily we begin a new website with the design-phase; which takes a couple of weeks with numerous iterations between the graphic designer and the yourself - until everyone is satisfied with the final product.

Once the website is up-and-running, we provide your with a user-account (or many), from where you would be able to update any content, images or media through the CMS (or content management system). Any website developed by Incredible Web allows for an infinite number of web pages or photos, giving you full control of your own website, because we believe that's the only way it should be.

For the more technically inclined amongst you, we build our websites using JavaScript (AngularJS, KnockoutJS, jQuery), HTML & CSS, MSSQL and C# (.NET Framework) and then host them on scalable Microsoft Azure Web Apps.

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