Bumalift to School

The Incredible Web Team created Bumalift in 2013. The Bumalift solution is aimed at reducing traffic congestion and parking problems in Malta.

 Like every successful business, it started with observation: Today, there are more than 350.000 cars on the island for 420.000 inhabitants. The nation is ranked within the top 5 countries worlwide with the most vehicles per capita. This creates numerous problems for citizens:

  • Very dense traffic
  • Daily hunt for parking spots
  • Pollution
  • Stress
  • Expensive car maintenance costs

Driving alone in Malta has simply become unsustainable. The Bumalift initiative aims at empowering drivers with a clever solution to fill their empty seats and collect rewards at the same time.

Bumalift was first introduced to school parents in 2015 with the objective to allow them to take turn driving their kids to school. Today, more than 20 schools are part of the program and 250 parents set up carpooling initiatives every day through the free mobile app at their disposal.

With the support of Transport Malta, Bumalift will now be introduced to the University of Malta in September 2016, rewarding carpoolers with an exclusive parking spot, while offering rewards to the drivers participating the most.

 The carpooling culture is definitely picking up in Malta, and is now expanding to Gozo. The next Bumalift project, supported by Gozo Business Chamber, will implement an ambitious carpooling platform to simplify journeys between Gozo and Malta.

 Bumalift has now become the go-to platform for every carpooling needs in Malta so make sure to follow Bumliaft on Facebook to receive the latest updates.