Eliiss is the dream of two Italian entrepreneurs with a passion for artisanal clothing and fashion wear. The Eliiss offering is not only in the product itself but in the experience of understanding how the product is made and the level of care and artisanal skill involved in fabricating the shoes, bag, or dress of your dreams.


After understanding the typical customer of the brand, Incredible Web identified a number of Personas who would eventually utilise the app through their Eliiss journey. Incredible Web designed and developed two native mobile application available as an iOS app and Android app revolving around these Personas. The mobile apps were complemented with a dashboard allowing the administrator to manage the inventory and showcasing some of their most elegant products.

The mobile apps featured a fluent and easy navigation design providing the user access to bookings and personalized itineraries. The solution also included a virtual concierge, an event planner, and regular updates on their tailor-made product in real-time. A perosnalised itinerary was also included in the application so that the end-user may fully absorb the tradition and experience in the making of their luxury product.