Google Design Sprint

The Design Sprint, originally proposed by Google Ventures, is a workshop that aims to solve design problems for teams of any size and in business of any kind. The event took place on May 2016 at the TAKEOFF Incubation Centre, where we were joined by 7 different teams of 4 people each, where each member covered a different role, ranging from development to product & marketing.

The two Google Developer Experts who ran the sprint were Milan Guenter and Bartosz Balewski and they introduced the design sprint methodology to the participating teams, HAUD, Go Draw It, Travel ZIZI, AREX, Thynk Software, Karmafy and Bumalift. The workshop encouraged the participants to collect user feedback throughout the design phase, prototype early and often and diverge and pivot based on the results obtained throughout the weekend.

This event was a unique opportunity for Maltese businesses and startups to learn first-hand from the industry-leaders and apply concepts which have been used by foreign giants including Google, IBM and Toyota and embodies Incredible Web's constantly learning philosophy and commitment to only developing and providing it's clients with the best solution possible.