House of Jack

House of Jack is one of the highest-traffic online casinos offering a massive selection of games to players.

House of Jack wanted to improve their online experience as well as migrate from a legacy platform to a more modern, modular platform featuring a CRM and an innovative bonus tool. Incredible Web approached to work on this project with the aim of improving the players' experience as well as the website's performance. 

Incredible Web was also asked to design and develop a custom-made loyalty points tool bases on the player's bet frequency and amounts. The bonus system and a very useful marketing tool aimed at awarding players for their loyalty on the platform. The idea is to allow players to earn points for defined actions and on completion of a level’s action requirement, they achieve a bonus event. More specifically, a player is able to achieve and redeem a bonus for each completed action, but the player may not level up until all level actions have been completed. As players progress, each level requires more points to be earned for level accomplishment.

Another bonus feature implemented on this Casino was a Boost button designed to increase user interaction on the website. 

Incredible Web was also commissioned by House of Jack to implement a new Payment Gateway module designed to integrate with a number of Payment Wallets available by consuming their Rest APIs and converging all the business logic in one centralised wallet module.