MUMN Website and mobile applications

"I was initially quite hesitant to take on the responsibility of a website due to the fact that this is not in my line of work. But I was supported every step of the way by the Incredible Web team who were readily available throughout the whole process. This has been such a pleasant learning experience. Thankyou Shaun and the rest of the team for your constant and professional support."

Claire Mulligan


Mumn is a No political Organization founded in 1990, then known as Malta Union of Midwives MUMN which was set up by midwives working in the Government sector to run policies for midwives and the welfare of the woman and their children.

The Incredible web proposal was a driving force for change for both. Indeed, on one hand, the Incredible team of developers, for the first time in the past 5 years, accepted the challenge of delivering their services to a Non-Political Organisation being aware of the importance of the health workers in such a critical moment for the human health. Therefore, MUMN contacted Incredible Web Software Company for the purpose to communicate the further achievements of the Organization’s goals as well as welcoming both members and patients into a friendly and smart website that enables fast access to different information primarily focused on the professional wellbeing at their workplace. The project entrusted by Incredible Web seeks to create a website that offers a user-oriented experience through the creation of the interactive section News optimized for SEO with internal links and key content to improve the MUMN ranking. 


Incredible Web has completely redesigned the website including integration with Content Management System, (CMS) called Umbraco, which allows the administrators to freely update content and add publications using an easy-to-use interface. Incredible Web made a powerful change to the website by creating an intuitive and smart platform easily accessible to every user. In regard to this, the supplier has recommended a specific information architecture with a structural design of shared information environments. The information Architecture carried out has focused on organizing, structuring, and labeling content support usability and findability. Moreover, the website design has also included the Users Interface Elements, UI, Input controls which allow users to input information into the system. In order to guide the users to the desired journey, is essential that pieces fit together being related to each other within the system. This would also encourage users to complete their bookings. Concerning the registration, while non MUMN members will be able to register for Mumn membership online, public users might need to follow a tangle procedure with a form to fill it up with personal details and send it by post to MUMN. To ease the process and make the registration more efficient, it will be soon migrated online. Once the signed form is received, the MUMN administrator is able to search for the member via the CMS members section and activate the user.

With the scope to create and update the website as well as get a flexible Content Management System, Incredible Web, certified Umbraco Registered Partner and developer of this platform for the past 10 years, used Umbraco to provide MUMN’s system administrators with a great editing experience as well as supported content saved in database. 

At the same time, Incredible Web implemented the relevant mobile application available on the Android and Apple Store with the same concept of the website proposal aimed at empowering MUMN members with a solution to issue directives and notices through an effective engagement tool called Push Notifications System. Indeed, with this innovative technology, or server push, the directives and publications are instantly delivered to the members’ personal devices. Whenever new content is available on the website, the server pushes that information out to the users who need to click on the PUSH notification to view the updates. The mobile app is also designed to synchronize data between the device and the remote server. Indeed, the Sync app allows MUMN members to access the file from the mobile device from anywhere using third-party apps on their device to open and edit files in Sync. The benefits of this option are numerous such as taking photos and videos using the camera on their device, and automatically save them to Sync, making files available for offline access, sharing their files using links, in emails, text messages, and other apps, but also managing the team shared folders.

Incredible Web also provided the client with the option of adding full new pages through the Sitemap, create events, and invite friends. The mobile app will also include the important function of reporting abuse and incidents on their place of work, to which will be also possible to attach pictures of the incident and send them to the MUMn board who will be able to react immediately. 

Incredible web offered personalized support providing effective solutions, by using the following tools and technologies:

1.Project Management tools (Visual Studio Boards)

  1. Slack for communication
  2. Zeplin for design and UX journeys
  3. ReactJs, Redux, NodeJs, ASP.NET, Umbraco (Headless), MSSQL Database, Azure Hosting, Azure Web Storage