Pizza4U is a family-run restaurant since 2007 with a takeaway and delivery food business operations in Malta. They were looking for a solution to develop their business and they decided to work with the Incredible Web team because of our experience and expertise in e-commerce for restaurants and take-aways.

Our proposal involved a comprehensive e-commerce solution that practically connects the kitchen to the customers. In other words, we developed a website and native mobile applications available on iOS and Android where the customers can easily place orders via the online menu directly from their mobile (either via the mobile app or the website) and the kitchen would receive the order on their POS system. The POS system allows the kitchen staff to accept the order and set the approximate delivery time at which point the user will receive a PUSH notification with the status of their order. Once the delivery person picks up the order another PUSH notification is sent to the customer informing them that their delicious food is on its way. 

The system is hosted on a fully-managed cloud-based solution ideal for seasonal traffic. The infrastructure would scale up its resources when the traffic demands are high and scale down when the traffic cools down, making the solution both practical and cost-effective.

Customers can easily navigate on the website or mobile application and chose any item they want, with the option of customizing your order with several options such as the size of the pizza, what extra topping they would like and any additional beverages they wish to include in their order. A custom made loyalty system was also developed to reward Pizza4U's most loyal customers. The loyalty engine keeps track of the user's spending on the platform and grants a discount once the loyalty scheme has been fulfilled. 

All of this at your fingertips, all you need to do is create an account and then, log in to track your current orders, view your order history and claim loyalty points.