Redbet Mobile App


Redbet is an award-winning online gaming platform that aims to continuously improve its customer’s experience using state of the art technology. Redbet sought out Incredible Web’s expertise when they wanted to benefit of native app capabilities as well as increase target audience reach through the respective stores.


Incredible Web proposed to develop Redbet’s first native mobile application which transforms the existing web application into a native wrapper mobile solution available for both iOS and Android. The team used the Xamarin framework to design and develop both the iOS and Android applications.

In-line with Apple’s Appstore Minimum Functionality Requirements and as an effective user engagement tool, the app uses PUSH notifications and other native device capabilities in order to improve the user’s experience. These features aim to stimulate user engagement and allows the user to launch the app, load the web application and also navigate the user to a specific page on the web application depending on the type and content of the PUSH notification. 


Moreover, the proposed solution sought to further enhance the user’s engagement with the mobile app by utilizing Fingerprint authentication and Touch-Id to seamlessly authenticate the user into the app thus avoiding the burden of having the user input the email address and password every time the user session times out. The device checks whether the current app user is the authorized app user and authenticates the user using a Single-Sign-On mechanism negotiated between the native application and the underlying web application.

The native wrapper app also takes advantage of the device’s geolocation capabilities by reading the user’s real-time Geolocation in order to fully comply with the jurisdiction gaming policies governed by the country in which the user is utilizing the app.