Incredible Web designed and developed a suite of tools for an innovative Digital Loyalty Wallet. The proposed solution includes a native mobile app designed to help users keep track of all their virtual Loyalty Cards and the vouchers they have redeemed over time. Another mobile app was developed for businesses so that they may virtually stamp a customer's purchase.


Timbroo is Malta’s Free Rewards app aimed at replacing the traditional loyalty cards with a digital loyalty wallet. Timbroo's founder, a Marketing and Commercial specialist wanted to simplify the way Businesses reward their customer's loyalty using rewards. 

This project was commissioned in 2019 with the objective to generate value for both parties; improving customer satisfaction and increasing revenue growth for smaller businesses.

The onboarding process for Customers had to be simple and effective. Once the profile is set-up, the user is able to browse over all the available shops and view their respective voucher schemes. With each purchase, users would simply choose their specific voucher and have it scanned at the sales counter by the Salesperson. The Salesperson would use their Business version of the app, to scan the QR code generated for the consumer and verify the purchase. 

Timbroo makes it easy and feasible for businesses to onboard the platform as well. The System administrator is provided with an easy-to-use dashboard designed to onboard businesses and manages their access rights. Businesses who have been given access rights are allowed to explore and create compelling offers aimed at rewarding loyal customers. Businesses may also view their sales performance and purchases made via the platform.

Inspired by the founder's enthusiasm and energy, Incredible Web went all out with Timbroo, from developing a public website to promote the service and onboard potential businesses to an Admin dashboard, complemented with two native mobile applications one for the end-user and one for the Business administrators. Both apps are available on Android and IOS so as to facilitate accessibility across the board. The administrator Backoffice allows Timbroo staff to update the website and its content using our favourite CMS, Umbraco.

Timbroo is an ambitious project that aims to reward and bring customers and businesses together and you can find it in several locations around Malta, it’s growing more and more for the benefit of all. Today, the app has reached over 2000 downloads.