Why Digital Marketing is important?

Having an online presence is not an option these days, companies have to have a Digital presence. This way customers can have access to any information at any time and any place they want. From a Mobile app (iOs, Android...), a Website or a Mobile Friendly website you are able to increase your exposure in a way that you can't even imagine.  Their is no doubt that the Internet is, the best channel when it comes to digital marketing, others include wireless text messaging, mobile instant messaging, mobile apps...

Digital media are now exposed to everyone. Customer are allowed to say what they think about a company. They have more information than just what the company says about itself because of course, no company you might work with will ever mention their own short comings and reasons why you might want to consider other options. Customers needs to feel precious and well known by the company they work with, they want personalised communication, personalised offers and more important they want to be able to follow up what's new in the companies.


What you should DO

  • Having a website, a website is a must for any company. We know for fact that 97% of consumers search online for products & services, and more than half of searches are local. Before going to a shop most of the people search for it on the internet, having a website will allows you to satisfy the customers that are looking for you.
  • Track your traffic, whether it's with Google Analytics or through an AdWords campaign you should go further and try to control your traffic to bring more possibilities to your company. Also we believe that a website can't work by itself, you need to make him seen.
  • Keep yourself aware of what your competitors are doing and the new technologies they are using for their Digital Marketing, keep in mind to always do better.
  • "Go big or go home" if you think that your company needs a website, a Snapchat, a Twitter, a Facebook, an Instagram,a Youtube, a Pinterest, a Linkedin and a Github  account just do it! You have nothing to lose. Worst case scenario this will increase your traffic an the number of people that you can reach.
  • Update and re-update your content, keep it moving, new and original to increase the traffic of your website/account/blogs..

Just one last piece of advice, you don't always need to hire someone and spend big money to work on your own Digital marketing, everyone can learn how to do it (with the right mentorship). Nowadays their are billions of online tutorials and blogs to teach you. Plus, it doesn't have to cost much to be sufficient. Sometimes simply choosing the right keywords can change everything.