e-Commerce for Restaurants

You want to try out this new restaurant you heard about from your friend, so you pull up your phone and search for it. You’re directed to the restaurant’s website, where you find its opening times, its menu, location, and contact information. You place your order and you receive a Push Notification informing you that the order will be arriving in 30 minutes!

Behind the scenes, the restaurant receives a notification of your request and seamlessly integrates your party into the night’s incoming reservations. A table is prepared and when you and your friends get to the restaurant, instead of waiting around for a table, you are seated immediately and the food arrives within 10 minutes of sitting down.

In this situation, the potential customer was able to find the restaurant they were looking for, load it up on a mobile device, and place an order as a result of the excellent web and mobile development.

At Incredible Web, we have developed a technology that allows bars and restaurants to take a leap into the digital age by providing an online menu and allowing customers to place orders directly from their mobile (either through a branded native mobile application or the responsive website). In turn, the restaurant receives placed orders via email and also on a modern touch-screen device placed within the kitchen, from where the sous chef is able to manage incoming orders and interact with the customer.

The device will also print the necessary receipt chits for the kitchen and the cashier, who are then able to begin working on the order. Once the order is complete and the user has requested delivery service, the delivery price is automatically appended to the total due and the customer is informed through a push notification on their mobile that their order is on the way.

This seamless process is tried and tested and is proving the significantly increase users ' returning to the restaurant. This system is not only helping the customer, but the order management within the kitchen is significantly improved, significantly reducing delivery or waiting times. The restaurant will also build a customer database through which it will be able to market future promotions or target specific customers with personalised offers.

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