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Designing a professional, corporate website was an important prerequisite for the FF international project. The company specializes in assisting foreign clients making use of Malta's sophisticated yet flexible legal framework. The website style reflects the values of the company and the portfolio of clients it represents.


 FF International on Desktop

 For almost 20 years the FF International group has been committed to its role as one of the primaries established accounting and corporate services groups operating from Malta and offering their services not only to the island's market but also serving foreign clients in multiple and diverse industries. A company that strives to consistently deliver the best to their customers, their mission is to ensure that the firms, merged into Franco Falzon and Associated in January 2017, serve prevalent clients, across Malta and abroad. With a commitment to serve clients with a transparent structure, and dedicate a responsive personalized service, the group has proven itself to be acutely aware of the importance of building relationships and to understand the Industry in which the clients operate. With this level of commitment to their customer base, we at Incredible Web needed to provide the group with a corporate website that would be beautifully showcasing their quality services and ensure that their esteemed clients will find support instantly. 

At Incredible Web, we have provided FF International group with a responsive and effective web development solution that reflects the main value of the firm to keep up with a dynamic environment as a distinctive edge from the competition.

The client required a redesign of the FF international Website including integration with a Content Management System (CMS) to be able to regularly update the content of the website as well as issue updates without the intervention of the supplier. A CMS was made available for system administrators. The Supplier picked the Umbraco CMS for this project, an award-winning open-source CMS system powering some of the internet’s most influential websites. Using the CMS FF International’s system administrators are allowed to update existing content as well as issue news publications, notices, and additional services.

The design of the proposed solution was clean, intuitive, and easy to use. Navigation is intuitive and immediately understandable even to less technically adept users. While it is important that the website’s design is attractive, it is equally important that the web development strategy highlights the vast array of services offered by FF International. 

Incorporated into our expertly developed corporate website development for the group we have supplied FF International with an updatable Banner per page and Special Banner effects and animations on the home page allowing them to broadcast their latest services across the field to their clientele. We have included news/Blogs for Content generation and SEO purposes, making sure that the group maintains the highest level of interactivity with their prospective clientele. Incredible Web provided the client with a tailor-made search engine optimization package to improve the current FF International search engine ranking. Our search engine optimization package includes monthly progress reports, conversion rate reports, copy-writing, content generation, link-building to take the business to the next level. SEO is an essential strategy and practice aimed at increasing the visibility of a website by improving its position in the unpaid results-organic results. In particular, Incredible web helped the brand FF International to gain authority and visibility, increasing customers and enjoy a strong market position in their industry. 

The importance of creating quality content is explained by the fact that this strategy brings value to the reader. Indeed, customers are looking for relevant, useful, and interesting content. To ensure quality content on the FF International sites, we have included a fresh news section that FF International to update regularly. 

With its wide service portfolio of services servicing local and foreign clients from its offices in the city of Valletta clients promptly and within the requested deadlines, it is essential that the FF International Group has a responsive website with ensures maximum reach and interactivity with its customer base but also and no less important a perfectly usable website on mobile devices, without having to remove or hinder critical content or functionality. Using the latest responsive design technologies, as employed by Incredible Web means that the Administrator Dashboard could look different based on the size of the screen you are using. 


  FF International on Mobile Device


Indeed, the delivery of a range of integration compliance services ensured the FF International Group to maintain interaction with their desired audience conveying their main message of the firm- assisting foreign clients making use of Malta’s favorable yet flexible legal framework. Moreover, for Incredible Web, users understand the information architecture & execute the desired user journey. 

FF International home page

 FF International home page

In Incredible web collaboration with FF International, we offered corporate development strategies that exhibit the range of services that the group has to offer, in a handsomely presented manner.

For the scope of FF International, this would allow finding all the necessary services predominantly addressed to foreign clients and diverse industries, displaying clearly their fully-fledged medium-size firm.

Incredible web bound to show the FF International identity without confusion, adopting a balanced color scheme that could leave the first impression to the visitors to recall emotion and recognition. Incredible web contributed to offering a clear comprehensive list of services that the firm provides through a specific structure of Multi-Level Navigation Menu. This would catch visitors' attention from the get-go upon entering the landing page.

The corporate website can remarkably reach its targeted customers using the right language and a visual part that includes unique images with logos to show who FF international works with and hyperlinks to shortcut to other pages. Moreover, the website offers its users functional navigation through an easy structure that includes text with headlines with white space that could emphasize the core information and keep a balanced design. FF International's website contains consistent interaction through the maps and form to keep the users engaged and continually coming back for more. 

Incredible Web took the idea of an interactive website design to the next level through the creation of relevant content that followed SEO strategies to achieve continuous progress and maintain the latest update. The section Updates and Publication for FF International was created with the purpose to better present their value proposition and also a strategy to promote. FF International needs to stay in changing to get the needs, requirements, or feedback from visitors to build trust.

Moreover, as a part of an efficient architecture, we assured that the homepage design could work perfectly on any different mobile screen to increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, and revenues. Indeed, having a responsive web design that adapts itself depending on the screen, is necessary since nowadays, most of the customers are on mobile devices for the bigger part of the day. To achieve this, the navigation on a mobile phone should be easy, should minimize typing with nice big buttons to capture the attention of the customers, and last but not least, clear navigation with boxes. 

Visitors to the FF Internationals group can move through the interface of the website with absolute ease, with links to help users get to relevant information and call-to-actions to direct visitors to the next step such as send a message in the contact form section. Indeed, with backlinks from another web to the FF International website, the client could get a vote of confidence.

In this case, to reach the best heights in the search engine, quality matters more than quantity. Also, made the home page loading faster, presented a better user experience, and brought extra benefits like optimizing the SEO of the FF International Website. Incredible web created the focal point on personalized sites, focusing on the users, creating a website which very much reflects the values and the nature of the firm that strives to be very efficient in serving the clients’ needs and requirements on time and within the requested deadlines. 

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